Simple Financial Advice have recently been awarded the ‘Pension Transfer Gold Standard’.
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Defined Contributions

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Defined Benefits

Final Salary Pension Schemes


Simple Financial Advice Limited provide advice on most types of pension planning including both Defined Contributions and Defined Benefits.

The starting point is to contact Simple for a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. As a result of this telephone call, we will provide you with a client pack which includes full details of out Terms of Business, an explanation of our advice process, fee schedule and letters of authority.

A large proportion of our clients are either planning for retirement or are at retirement. For these clients, we provide a pension review service which includes looking at all their different pension plans.

Simple provide two different types of review services depending on what types of pension arrangements clients hold; Defined Contributions or Defined Benefits. Many clients have a combination.

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Client Testimonials

“I am very happy with the option I have chosen. I have a regular income stream and know what money I have coming into my bank account each month. I no longer have to worry about the up/down performance of the stock exchange!” Elaine, Bristol “Growth in the portfolio has exceeded expectations, even taking into account the released funds”. Peter, Cambridgeshire “I was very happy with Nick’s recommendations and pleased with the way he dealt with my situation and as a result have moved my pension to the new provider”. Mark, Isle Of Wight