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Retirement income

However complex your pension arrangements, there's a Simple solution.

Have you accumulated a number of different pensions over the years? Many of our clients have.

It’s not unusual to find yourself with a confusing mixture of products, including both personal and final salary schemes with different benefits and retirement options. It’s easy to lose track and natural to be unsure where you stand.

Putting you in the picture

Like everything we do at Simple Financial Advice, our Retirement Income Service has a single-minded focus on replacing confusion with clarity. Explaining complex technical matters understandably. Analysing your arrangements objectively. Recommending the solution that maximises your retirement income and fits the way you live your life. Putting you in control of your retirement.

The first thing we’ll do is listen. We’ll also explain the different scenarios, including early-retirement and part-time working. What if you’re made redundant? How about a complete change of lifestyle?

Then we’ll put the pieces together to create a clear picture. Advise on structuring your different pensions and savings to achieve a sustainable income flow.

Let’s start by talking through your goals. With most clients this happens via a relaxed telephone or video chat.

We’ll go on to provide a report that makes your options and our recommendations clear, expressed in plain English and with a refreshing lack of financial jargon.

Contact us today and don’t hold back. Feel free to ask us anything.

Our other services

Pensions Reviews

Pension reviews

How's your pension looking? If the honest answer is you're not sure, let's change that. We promise simplicity, clarity and up-to-the-minute expertise.

Financial planning

Retired or just about to? Get a clear overview of your entire financial situation. Untangle complexity. Secure the future for you and your loved ones.

Use our Simple fee comparison tool

Most financial advisors charge on average 0.85% of your total fund as ongoing advice fees. That’s where we are different, offering a fixed fee of £2,500 whatever your position.

User the slider to select the total value of your fund, then see how much you can save. Simple!

Typical ongoing advice fee

You save

Our fee


Specialists with the personal touch

Our team has over 80 years' experience helping customers plan and organise their pensions better. That means less stress and financial worry so you can get on and enjoy life knowing plans have been taken care of.

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John Wilkinson

MD and Advisor


Mark Thewlis

Pension & Tax Advisor


Yvonne Mellor

Head of Paraplanning


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Andrea Bridge

Senior Administrator

Simple, straightforward pricing

We communicate our costs in simple language, without the usual jargon

We provide full transparency so there are no hidden surprises

A quality service at a fraction of the price of many traditional advisors

A fixed fee service for both initial consultation and ongoing advice

"I was very happy with Mark's recommendations and pleased with the way he dealt with my situation and as a result have moved my pension to the new provider."

Paul Morris,

"The whole process was made really straightforward and they took the time and care to properly understand my situation. The results have been excellent!"

Jennifer Butler,

"Because I live in a rural area, having a specialist advisor that I am able to talk to from the comfort of my own home makes a massive difference to me."