Pension Planning Service

Planning For Your Pension

Pension planning consists of two parts:

  • Building pension funds for your retirement.
  • Managing pension funds during your retirement.

We will discuss your retirement objectives, measure your ‘attitude to risk’ profile, and align your pension funding to suit your goals. We also review your current provider(s), and existing fund management charges.

Building Pension Funds For Your Retirement

  • Evaluating existing pension arrangements including costs and performance.
  • Discussing your attitude to risk and suitable pension funds.
  • Discussing your timescale to retirement and income requirements.
  • Agreeing an affordable level of contribution.

Managing Pension Funds During Your Retirement.

  • Reviewing the many options available to clients.
  • Reviewing your existing arrangements and suitability.
  • Looking at your income and tax position.
  • Discussing your long term requirements.
  • Any inheritance and death benefits.