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Our recent podcast with Cheshire’s Silk 106.9 FM radio.

Should I Consolidate My Pensions?

Around half of women in the UK in their 50s currently have a workplace pension, while nearly a quarter of women have a private pension.  Have you kept track of all your pensions?

Making your money work for you

Making Your Money Work for You

The dangers of investing are overstated by the mainstream media where coverage of financial markets is sensationalist, intermittent and unbalanced. When stock markets fall dramatically, it is the main story but what’s the reality? Find out more…

Stock market

Are you Scared of the Stock Market?

Why is it that women are less likely to put their money into stocks and shares than men? This question would be easier to answer fifty years ago when gender roles were more specialised but in Britain today, a significant percentage of households have a woman as the main bread winner. Learn more…


Retiring? How to Make Sure your Money Doesn’t Run Out

Thanks to pensions freedoms, from the age of 55, you can take as much out of your private pension as you like.  At that age you have the freedom to buy an annuity, elect to use a drawdown scheme or deplete the money in your pension as you wish. Learn how to manage your pension pot so you don’t run out of money…

Pension scams

Beware Pension Scams: 8 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself

One of the unwelcome side effects of recent pension reform has been increased opportunities for fraudsters and scammers to trick unwitting individuals into transferring their pension into unsafe or non-existent investments from which you could lose all your money.  Learn how to protect yourself…


Bitcoin: The Maddest Speculative Bubble Ever!

In 2009 pop singer Lily Allen turned down an offer of 200,000 bitcoin to sing a track on an online game.  Today the value of that performance is an astonishing £2.56bn. We are truly in the grips of an unbelievable speculative mania…