Simple Financial Advice

We restrict our advice to Pensions and Investments only. Wherever possible, we look to provide low-cost product solutions with excellent investment returns.

The business has always been fee-based, and has an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality advice at a competitive price.

Regulated For Over 10 Years

We have been providing regulated financial advice for over 10 years. The Legal Entity that is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is Simple Financial Advice Limited, FCA Reference : 456653.

All staff at Simple Financial Advice have worked within FCA regulated firms for many years, and all our advisers are authorised by the FCA.

Telephone Based

By providing advice over the phone, our fees are lower than most traditional face-to-face advisers. We can charge lower fees as our salaried advisers are paid to give regulated financial advice only, and not for travelling, administrative work, or research.

Our Advisory Teams

Each team comprises a qualified financial adviser, a para-planner who researches the market, and an administrator.

Our teams work in close proximity, ensuring all areas of expertise are available to answer client queries effectively. Every member of the team is involved thereby ensuring a more personal service.